Adventures Through TIme

Cub SCout Day Camp

June 16-18 EvansvIlle

June 18-19 VIncennes

June 23-24 Old Ben

Buffalo Trace Council, Boy Scouts of America is excited to announce the theme for this year’s Day Camp...Adventures Through Time. Come and experience Day Camp at a location near you! Day camp is a program for Scouts to participate in activities while earning achievements.  It will be a FUN and memorable time for your Scouts.



2021 Cub Scout Day Camp AchIevements

This section will be updated when the schedule for each camp is finalized. Stay tuned!

Advancement is not the primary focus of Cub Scout Day Camp; however, some belt loops and Webelos pins may be completely or partially covered at camp. Pack leadership is responsible for keeping track of who attended Day Camp and what activities their Scouts completed. Each camp will provide a list of achievements (see below) Cub Scouts could potentially earn. 

Keep checking back for more information!

Do you have questions about Cub Scout Day Camp?

Council Day Camp Staff Advisor: Abby Roberts; 812-423-5646 x214;

Native Trails Day Camp Staff:

District Executive:Abby Roberts; 812-423-5246 x214;

Day Camp Director: Kristy Krohn; 812-319-8098;

Algonkian Day Camp Staff:

District Associate: Chris Felton; 219-477-7455;

Day Camp Director: Angela Baldwin; 812-887-2970;

Day Camp Program Director: Barry Baldwin; 812-887-2932;

Lincoln Heritage Day Camp Staff:

District Associate: Grant Burnett; 812-459-3911;

Day Camp Volunteer Contact: Leisa Barber; 812-686-2583;